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Casino bonuses offered by the online gambling establishments because the online gambling industry is a flourishing industry. There are a great number of online casinos you can play on at any time of the day. In fact, nowadays, you will find virtually every single game you will find in a real life casino in an online casino and perhaps maybe more. Many people have begun to actually prefer online casinos to the real thing. This is because the online casinos are more convenient because the players would not even have to leave the house. These online casinos also offer a great deal of anonymity to its patrons. Unless the players authorize it, their identities are kept completely secret and away from prying eyes.

Another reason and perhaps one of the main ones, for the general shift of preference for online casinos are the casino bonus promotions offered there which are not usually present in real life casinos. Yes there are also gambling bonuses in casinos such as random jackpots you stand to win for playing in certain slot machines, but these bonuses are nowhere nearly as good as the ones offered in online casino bonus promotions.

A good example of this is the “free money” they give you in online gambling as a casino bonus. You will hardly find any real life casinos that give you that. Almost all good online casinos give this kind of bonus, they credit a three times your initial cash in to your account simply for signing up with them. There are some that even offer up to four hundred per cent initial bonus.

There are also other online gambling casino bonuses that reward loyal patrons who play frequently or continuously. Some people, however, remain wary of these casino bonuses because they are marketing schemes designed by the casino to trap them, but the truth is they are not. You can rest assured that a reputable online casino will deliver on what they promised, and on the off-chance that they do not readily do so, there are several grievance machineries that settle casino bonus disputes to protect you.

If you still feel wary about these casino bonuses, checkout the list of rogue casinos in your areas and steer clear of them. If a certain casino is not on that list, then you can trust them. If you are a regular or frequent player, you should allow yourself to take advantage of these casino bonuses because as we all know: when it comes to gambling you need all the edge you can get.

Do not let the fact that they are part of marketing strategies keep you from enjoying their benefits. Yes they are for marketing but it does not mean that they are designed to get the better of you. These online casinos keep their patronage by keeping them happy; this means that they are not looking to trick you out of your money. These casino bonuses benefit the casinos as a marketing device by giving their customers the means to keep on playing while lessening their losses, which makes the customers happy and in turn makes them keep on coming back to the casinos.

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