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Casino bonus promotions money is a way for you to extend your game time when playing online slots, and the chances of getting the bigger payout increases because of the extra time spent playing.

Every casino that offers online slots will entice new players to come on board with them for a chance at real money, by giving away casino bonus money for signing up. Most of the time, you can win real money without ever putting any of your own money into play. This is known as a no deposit casino bonus money. Bottom line, the worst casino bonus you'll run across on any online slots is a matching bonus made against your own deposit, effectively doubling your play money.

In order to play online slots with casino bonus money, go to the online slots that you've chosen and take a look at the site's promo pages. These pages give you all you need to know about the casino bonuses offered at each site for you to be able to decide which site to join.

No deposit casino bonuses are becoming the bonus of choice among online slots players. The reason for this is that you can take advantage of free money to play with, and the winnings potential is real. This will give you the chance of testing the online slots software before any of your own money is put into play. You also have a chance to beef up your stash of cash, starting from a no-money position (none of your own, anyways) with the ability to cash out on casino bonus money along the way.

Don't expect large denominations of no deposit casino bonuses. Usually they will range from as low as $10 to a max of around $25. Trying your luck might bring that amount up into the hundreds in no time at all.

You'll mainly see matching casino bonuses as a method to play with bonus cash, based upon your first deposit of your own money. What you want to see is the "slots only" bonuses, and when you calculate the percentage that is matched, the totals might thrill you. Consider depositing $100 and seeing a matching casino bonus that gives you $500 to work through in the beginning. It is not uncommon for the matching bonus percentage to be around 400% up to a maximum of $4000. If you can swing a grand to start with, the site will throw in an extra four grand to start with.

Shake the loads of cash from your mind for a bit. You need to be made privy to a couple more things before you go out there to claim your bonus money, starting with the wagering requirements that all sites have in place to protect them from always losing money.

Every instance that you use bonus credit to play online slots, you will face a wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is a definition of how many times you have to bet your casino bonus credit on spins before any of the bonus cash can be claimed by you.

If your playing bonus is the no deposit variety, then expect your wagering requirements to be greater, because you will not have been required to bring in any of your own money to begin with. Look for wagering requirements to be in the range of 75 times the bonus amount that must be rolled over before you can cash out. That means on a $10 bonus, you'd need to bet $750 to qualify for cash withdrawals. On top of this, all sites require an initial deposit be made for real, right before you can cash out any winnings. This is so that they can see that not only are you a real person, but a real person of legal age.

To recap, matching casino bonuses have lower betting rules to satisfy, from 25 to 50 times the bonus and deposit. Consider 40x to be the average. If a site offers less than this, you have got yourself a great deal. Rule of thumb to follow: the higher the percentage the online slots site will match, the higher your rollovers will be.

Casino bonuses are a great way for online slots casinos to bring in fresh players to their games. Having more than 700 online casinos available on the internet means the competition can be pretty crazy, but for you, the player, it means you can run across some pretty sweet deals that you should definitely take advantage of.


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